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The chronic health of adolescents: is the world listening? 

Multi-media installation at the 3Sixty space, Ron Cooke Hub, Heslington East, University of York, September-October 2013

Adolescence is a time for growth, development, increasing independence and also a time for forming new relationships. Thus life both at home and at school can be seriously affected by chronic ill-health. There are huge variations in the prevalence of chronic disease between countries and these differential risks are rarely explored. Data summarising the chronic health of adolescents worldwide is most often presented in large data sets, dull reports or duller academic journals and rarely disseminated in any other way, remaining largely hidden from the public view. In this innovative, multidisciplinary and exciting project, epidemiological data on the global chronic health of adolescents will be developed into an installation that will include data sonification, composed music and a visual representation of the challenges facing young people and their strength and resilience to overcome them. The collaboration led by Amanda Mason-Jones, Senior Lecturer in Global Public Health, involving colleagues from the departments of Health Sciences (Amanda Mason-Jones, Antonina Mikocka-Walus); Theatre, Film and Television (TFTV) (Sandra Pauletto, Patrick Titley); Music (Jez Wells); Sociology (Darren Read); English (Alice Hall); the Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR) (Juliana Mensah), composer Bartek Walus and film director Nik Morris and actress Katie-Marie Armstrong aims to create an experiential learning opportunity that will raise the issues of chronic health faced by young people worldwide. This will then be used as a platform to engage with young people to develop the project further and to secure further funding.

The installation will showcase from 25 September to coincide with the inaugural Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders Conference and will continue till 9 October 2013 before going onto other venues and websites. For further information contact Amanda Mason-Jones.


Funder(s): C2D2, £16000 
Start Date:  June 2013
Expiry Date:  December 2013


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