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To evaluate the effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions in HIV positive people: a Cochrane review 

The prevalence of smoking in PLWHA is two to three times that of the general population. Frequent blood tests and clinic appointments mean that many PLWHA are in regular contact with health professionals providing an opportunity for smoking cessation interventions to be initiated. However some HIV clinicians report a lack of confidence in facilitating patients to stop smoking and others do not prioritise it. The high prevalence of smoking, despite a substantial proportion expressing a desire to quit, reflects unmet need for effective smoking cessation interventions in PLWHA. This review aims to summarise the evidence to reduce the uncertainty felt by clinicians regarding the most effective smoking cessation interventions in PLWHA. In addition, the review aims to highlight areas in need of investigation in this emerging area of research.


Start date: July 2013
End date: September 2014


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