An analysis of the production and supply chain of smokeless tobacco in South Asia: a feasibility study 

Smokeless tobacco consumption is a global public health threat. It is a particular problem in South Asians. Existing tobacco control policies are either inadequate or poorly implemented. Policy makers lack intelligence on the production and supply chain of a diverse group of smokeless tobacco products in South Asia. In an international meeting in York, experts recommended conducting a large multi-country study to address this gap. We are conducting a feasibility study to inform the design, methods and tools for such a study. We are conducting a survey of the actors involved in this chain in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan using snowball sampling. The actors involve retailers, wholesale dealers, manufacturers and farmers.



University of York (pump priming)

Start Date: October 2013
Expiry Date: July 2014


Internal Staff

External Collaborators

  • Sushil Baral, Health Research and Social Development Forum, (HERD) Nepal
  • Amina Khan, The Initiative, Pakistan and Dr Rumana Huque, The ARK Foundation, Bangladesh

Public Health and Society Research in the Department of Health Sciences