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The TEC Study: a randomised controlled non-inferiority trial to examine the efficacy of e-cigarettes compared with standard pharmacotherapy, when used within the UK Stop Smoking Service

We will be undertaking the cost-effectiveness analysis for the randomised controlled trial of e-cigarettes over and above standard pharmacotherapy when used within the UK Stop Smoking Service. The trial aims to determine the 12-month sustained biochemically validated abstinence rates in smokers using EC compared to smokers using standard NRT.  Abstinence rates are measured at 4 weeks and 6 months, together with the effects of the two treatments on smoking reduction in participants who did not achieve full abstinence and ratings of the two treatment approaches by patients.


Funder(s): NCCHTA
Start Date: 1-Oct-2014
Expiry Date: 31-Mar-2018


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External Collaborators

  • Hayden McRobbie

Mental Health and Addiction Research in the Department of Health Sciences