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Helping people cope with temptations to smoke to reduce relapse: A factorial RCT

Extended stop-smoking medicine use can help prevent relapse but uptake and long-term use is low. New vaporised nicotine (VN) products eg. e-cigarettes, may be more attractive for long-term use and hence useful as relapse prevention interventions. While several behavioural relapse prevention interventions have been found ineffective, recent data showed that an online Structured Planning and Prompting Protocol (S3P) reduced relapse rates between 1-24 weeks.

This study tests the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of these two interventions in a factorial randomised controlled trial with two comparisons added to usual care, 8-12 weeks of base medication (varenicline or patches) with the option of oral nicotine replacement therapy for craving control (excluding VN) and counselling.

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Funder: NIHR HTA
Start Date: 01-Apr-16
End Date: 30-Sept-19


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External collaborators

  • Hayden McRobbie
  • Peter Hajek
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Linda Bauld
  • Ann McNeill
  • Alan Brennan
  • Petra Meier
  • Ron Borland
  • Coral Gartner

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