Accessibility statement

Translational research into the interface of physical and mental health

Photo of team of people

Left to right, Han-I Wang, Fidan Turk, Natalie Smith, Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis, Jenny Sweetman and Danielle Varley

The team working on this research has strong expertise in the areas of physical and mental health comorbidities including somatic symptom disorders, complex intervention development and health services research within this population, in addition to expert knowledge of stress mechanisms and stress-related disorders. The studies involve a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research methods, and have translational applications.

Projects include the development of novel personalised treatments for somatic symptom disorders; the evaluation of health services delivery for individuals with physical and mental health comorbidities; and the exploration of psychological, biological and environmental mechanisms underpinning stress and stress-related mental health conditions. The research theme covers several domains and projects at the interface of physical and mental health, delineated below.