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Student Psychological Wellbeing

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This is a research project about the psychological wellbeing of students. There are concerns that mental health problems are increasing among students but there is little high-quality evidence to help us understand these patterns and to inform effective strategies to detect, prevent and intervene.

This project aims to establish a university-wide student mental health and psychological wellbeing cohort. This involves measuring individuals’ psychological wellbeing before they join the University and following people up at regular intervals during their time studying at York. The cohort will provide a robust means for sustainable, ongoing data collection on psychological wellbeing and mental health among students. The cohort also aims to establish a means of linking with routinely-collected data to create a rich dataset. Participants can also consent to be contacted about relevant research in which they may want to get involved. The cohort project therefore provides an efficient and accessible platform to produce long-term, high quality evidence.

The University of York will work closely with the University of Sheffield and the University of Leeds who aim to run comparable cohorts.

Funder: Office of Philanthropic Partnership and Alumni

Start date: 5th July 2019