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Qualitative research on alcohol in community pharmacy

This theme uses qualitative social scientific methods to explore the current and potential role of the community pharmacist in discussing alcohol use in the context of Medicines Use Reviews and the New Medications Service.

Community pharmacy is moving away from its traditional dispensing role to providing health and well-being services as part of the changing landscape of health and social care provision in the UK. Enhanced services within community pharmacy include the provision of services designed to provide medicines adherence support for people with long term conditions and brief interventions and advice on alcohol use.

Research within this theme seeks to generate a grounded understanding of interactions between pharmacists and pharmacy users on alcohol and medication use and the contexts that frame them. Data will be analysed to inform the development of patient centred interventions to improve the health and wellbeing role of community pharmacies in relation to medicines use and alcohol consumption.


Community pharmacy: Highlighting Alcohol Use in Medication Appointments (CHAMP)