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Alexander Harrison



Alexander joined the Department of Health Sciences in 2014 as a data analyst and has a background in biological sciences, which includes experimental research in oesophageal cancer. He has experience in a range of research designs including observational, randomised control trials and systematic reviews. Alex’s current area of interest is factors affecting outcomes in complex interventions; specifically looking at the effect of patient volume on cardiac rehabilitation outcomes.


  • BSc (Hons) Biology
  • MSc Applied Health Research



Alexander has a broad interest in health research, which includes both qualitative and quantitative research, in a range of settings. Although currently working on observational studies, Alex has experience in a range of study types.


  • Research Factors influencing outcomes of participating population in UK Cardiac Rehabilitation; specifically using multi-level modelling on audit level data.

Previous research

  • An experimental study looking at biological differences in two strains of radiation resistant oesophageal cancer to generate way of identification using exosome release. 
  • A Master’s thesis of the volume-outcome relationship in UK Cardiac rehabilitation using NACR data 2011-12.

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Alexander Harrison

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Alexander Harrison

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