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A week in the life of Francesca Vezzini

A‌bout Francesca

Francesca is an MSc Student in Applied Health Research at the University of York. She already holds a Masters in Philosophy and is really interested in science and health. In her free time she loves to travel and meet people from around the world.

Francesca is from Trigolo in Italy, a little village in the countryside just south of Milan.

Francesca’s diary was composed during the holiday between Winter and Spring terms.

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Monday is day one of the first week after the end of the lectures. It is really weird to think that classes are over but there is still so much to do. Exams are planned for the end of April and my assignment for statistics is due in eight days, so I still have to work hard.

I studied at the University library today, so I could have lunch with some of my classmates at the café there. We are all busy with the same project, so we share the same schedule. After working all day, we felt we deserved a quick drink at one of the bars on campus before going home to rest.


Breakfast was very early today as I have another intense morning of work ahead. Today I went to the postgraduate area for studying. I was with my flatmates who are both postgraduates undergoing exams themselves. After a lunch break and a good coffee at the café in Alcuin college, I went back home to do some calculations before going into town in the evening for some drinks and to say good bye to the first of my friends who is leaving. I suppose that all good experiences have a sad side - sooner or later they have to end. My classmate Giulia, now a very good friend, is leaving York to head back to Italy where she will follow her career as a doctor and researcher. Arrivederci cara!


Today I went to Uni a bit later because I needed to do some shopping. Then I went to the study room in Wenthworth College where it is quiet and I can use a computer. I am halfway through completing my assignment for statistics. Today my main focus was on research for my dissertation though, with a bit of statistics thrown in as well.

In the late afternoon I met with some people from the Masters in Public Health course at York. We've been spending lot of time together during terms and we have become really close. We went to the cinema in town for a bit of relaxation time.


Today was a sunny day, so I walked into town to have breakfast and enjoy watching the squirrels in Museum Gardens. I stopped for a while in the park and worked a bit from there. I had to complete some forms to request access to some data for my dissertation. In the afternoon, my aim was to get statistics finished before dinner. That would leave me the weekend free for revision.


As planned, I managed to get the first draft for statistics done last night, so I woke up more relaxed! I walked into university and took most of the day to revise. I went through my work section by section and checked it all through. I will wait until tomorrow to submit it but I can say that I am quite happy with it.

Today is also dedicated to Arabic. I started to take some classes at the Languages for All Center, at the University. It was quite hard to study Arabic as well as my Masters but I have really enjoyed it. I joined the Arabic society to keep the rudiments of what I learned fresh in my mind.


It’s finally the weekend! After breakfast I went through a final reading of my assignment and, two, three: submitted!

The parents of one of my flatmates came to visit and I joined them for lunch and stayed with them for an afternoon in the city center. My flatmate studies archaeology so she had plenty of information to share about York Minster!

Around 4pm, in line with English tradition, we stopped for a tea and a slice of cake at Betty's. Very nice!


After an easier day yesterday, it was time to start studying for the exams. I've organized all my notes from lectures and all my comments on the reading I've done in the last few months. After a bit of a planning I started revising the first lecture we had on the first day of class back in October. During a quick break, I take my lunch to the park in front of my house and enjoy the sunshine at the start of spring.

After an intense afternoon of study, I relaxed in the evening with my flatmates. Another week is over and I am ready for the next!