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A week in the life of Giulia Fiorini


About Giulia 

Giulia is studying the MSc in Applied Health Research.

Giulia is from Bologna, a city in the north-centre of Italy. She is a doctor, currently in her fourth year of training in Internal Medicine. Giulia has been living on campus since last October, in Wentworth College, and she will return to her job in Italy at the end of the course.

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The week starts with a very busy day; we do not have classes today but there is always a lot of work and reading to do, to be well prepared for the lessons. I really like to get up early in the morning and to walk around the lake to get to the library where I can take a coffee (a super concentrated single espresso!) to start a long study day. If I do not need to use the computer, the third floor is my favorite because there is a lot of light and a beautiful view of the University and the lake. At lunch time I grab a bite with some friends and then go back to finish my work. Time goes fast and in the afternoon I usually do some grocery shopping at the local market before I go home and relax. 


I have two lectures today, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m., so when I finish I’m usually very tired. Fortunately there is a free yoga course at Heslington East, so after class I jump on the bus with my friend Francesca and join the yoga session. On the way home we chat a lot about the day and the lessons and we plan our week. It is nice to speak your mother language sometimes especially when your brain has been super active all day!


Wednesday is my second day of lessons, the same time as Tuesday but in different subjects. It is a long day too but fortunately there is always something nice to do with friends in the evening. For this evening I booked tickets for the University Choir and Symphony Orchestra.  


No classes today but a lot of work to do. I decided to study in the Wentworth college common room because it helps with my concentration. It is a really nice room, very quiet and with a wonderful view on the lake. After grabbing lunch from the café in Wentworth, I usually spend some time looking at e-mails from the various societies I’ve subscribed to, and planning and booking some events for the next week. There are usually a lot of interesting things going on. Then I go back home and start to cook. It is always nice to spend some time with flatmates to chat and taste typical dishes from all over the world!


Finally it is Friday and the weekend is coming. I still have some work to do on my dissertation project so I go straight to the Library and have my strong single espresso as usual. There I meet some friends and we study together until lunch time. This Friday it is time to go to the city and do some shopping but at 5pm I stop at Betty’s for an amazing cup of tea and a tasty piece of cake!


I have quite a lot of work to do this weekend, so I’ve planned to stay home in the morning to finish some reading and move to the library in the afternoon. In the evening a friend is coming to visit me and I will cook some pasta to share for everybody in the flat that wants to join us!


On Sunday morning the campus is very quiet and there is nobody around apart from the ducks that make a lot of noise as usual. Today the weather is beautiful so I’ve planned to relax walking around the lake and study in the afternoon. Then I will have my usual half-pint of cider with friends at one of the bars on campus and go back home to catch up on a little reading before my dissertation meeting on Monday morning.