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Sarah Weatherstone's internship with Disney

Third year BA (hons) English in Education student Sarah Weatherstone talks about building employment and life experience through volunteering and taking part in Disney’s J1 Cultural Exchange Program internship over summer:

"I would definitely recommend an internship with Disney. It is such a valuable way to spend the summer, the jobs are great fun and being a part of the magic of Disney is an unforgettable experience.

while at Disney I gained knowledge and understanding of people from different cultures as my accommodation complex housed people from all over the world.

I realised how much work goes on behind the scenes at Walt Disney World and just how many roles are needed for the park to be successful.

In addition the program helped me greatly in understanding the education others receive around the world. I shared a lot of my experiences of education with fellow cast members and learned a lot about the similarities and differences between the education system in place in Britain and that in other parts of the world.

Being a part of the magic of Disney is an unforgettable experience.

Sarah Weatherstone

Also the internship has started many conversations for me since being back, especially with employers."

She added about her time in York:

"I have been a Welfare Officer for the Education Society and a Volunteering Officer for Halifax College.

In addition to my course, I volunteer as a First Aider, Fire and Emergency Support for the British Red Cross, and I am a member of their Youth Leadership Team.

I also volunteer for North Yorkshire Police as a Vehicle Checker and Role Play assistant, and I am training to become a Special Constable for North Yorkshire Police.

I have gained a lot from the exchange and volunteering experiences. I have decided I want to join the police when I graduate and hope the opportunities I have had and skills I have developed while being a student will help with my application."