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What do our students say?

Caitlin Hawley
Sociology and Education

Teacher Trainee, Pathfinder

Studying Sociology and Education at York has allowed me to understand educational issues from multiple perspectives. As a result, my passion for education is stronger as theories from both disciplines have informed my practice.

The course has equipped me with multiple skills and given me opportunities to explore the ways that educational settings can enrich children’s learning experiences. This is why I have chosen to teach and so I am going onto a schools-based course with Pathfinder, a partner organisation with the University.

I cannot wait to start using what I have learned during my course in the classroom, develop my skills and make a real difference in children’s lives.

Rachel McGirr
English in Education

Children and youth worker, St. Peter's Church, Shipley

I have been working as a children and youth worker in St. Peter's Church, Shipley, since graduating.

As a member of the church's leadership team, I am responsible for the running and development of weekly groups and events for under 18 year olds and their families. We offer religious education, holistic support and lots of fun! I get to know young people and their families on a personal level, while leading various teams of volunteers and partnering with a nursery, charities and local schools to enhance our supportive role within the community. 

My broad English in Education degree has been very helpful for my broad job. I regularly analyse texts and use teaching practices learned during my degree to help me educate. while studying, I gained understanding about; the education system, creative education, language development, the psychology of language, developmental disorders and transcultural communication, all of which I have used to tailor my education and support and to effectively communicate to people who are of a wide range of ages, needs and backgrounds.

Vivien Hsuan Chiu
English in Education

Learning Support worker, The British School of Beijing

I have been working as a learning support teacher at the British School of Beijing since graduating with a bachelor degree in BA English in Education.

My current role as a learning support teacher is to support students with learning difficulties, socio-emotional and behavioural issues to feel more confident, included in school, and achieve their maximum potential in education.

I employ a range of theories and skills learned through the course to support my work, various choices of modules allowed me to study education with different aspects, such as psychological, sociological and language, literature learning. This is useful to my current role as I understand the backgrounds and concepts in education, combine with relevant topics and apply them into practice. I also constantly reflect myself and my teaching to what I learned from the course; and I can always learn something new every time I do so.