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● BA in English Literature and Linguistics at Chongqing University, China from 1989 – 1993
● MA in TESOL at University of York, from 2005 – 2006
● PhD in Applied Linguistics at University of York, from 2019 – present
[I started my PhD after 13 years’ teaching on the position of Lecturer at Chongqing University, China. Prior to my career in academia, I had 12 years of experience in foreign trade and property development and management in hospitality industry.]



PhD Project title: Developing and validating an internet-based Tests of Aptitude for Language Learning (TALL)

Language aptitude is a hybrid construct of cognitive individual differences that can predict language learning outcomes. Given that aptitude is a construct of latent abilities, it is crucial to ascertain the reliability and validity of aptitude measurements prior to conducting aptitude-learning research; however, this step has been surprisingly neglected to date. This research gap may largely be due to the restricted access to most of the aptitude batteries. My PhD project is to bridge the gap by developing and validating an Internet-based research instrument, TALL, for measuring aptitude. I’ve been engaged in Open Research practices and aimed to develop TALL into an open instrument that will be freely available for researchers in our field.



Prof. Emma Marsden

Publications & Presentations


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Pan, J. (2022). Developing a web-based Tests of Aptitude in Language Learning (TALL): an open research endeavour. Doctoral workshop presentation at European Second Language Association (EuroSLA) 31, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Pan, J. (2022). Developing Tests of Aptitude in Language Learning (TALL) into an open data tool. Presented at Symposium on Open Scholarship in Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom (online).

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Pan, J. (2012). Teaching practice and research in Project-based Language Instruction (PBLI) in English major’s core modules at Chongqing University. Presentation at the 2nd GDUFS Forum on Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Guangzhou, China.


Prizes & Grants


York Open Research Awards 2021



Participatory Research Funding, University of York
Project title: Furthering open research practice: A framework and its prototype for integrating open data collection tools within an open material repository

Humanity and Social Science Foundation, Ministry of Education of China
Project title: The role of Project-based Learning in developing English major students’ critical thinking

Research Funding for Key Universities in China, Chongqing University
Project title: Developing an assessment framework for Project-based Language Instruction implemented in BA modules



Teaching experience & Departmental Roles

Teaching experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of York
MA & MSc Modules: TESOL Methods, Research Methods for Psychology in Education
BSc Module: Researching Psychology in Education

Lecturer, Chongqing University, China
BA Modules: Critical Thinking and English Writing, Comprehensive English, Extensive Reading, Understanding the UK and the US, Essentials for Speech and Presentation in English



Departmental Roles

Project Assistant of IRIS (

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Junlan Pan
Department of Education
University of York