Accessibility statement

Chika Hosoda



  • BA in English linguistics and literature at University of the Sacred Heart Tokyo
  • MA in Sociolinguistics at University of Essex
  • MA in Human Rights and Cultural Diversity at University of Essex
  • PhD in Education from 2019 - present

I started my PhD in 2019. My interdisciplinary background as well as my career helped me to develop research interest in social justice and education. At Essex, I have researched language rights of indigenous people and human rights issues in the context of international development. Following the completion of my Master’s degree, I have worked as an English language teacher at universities in Tokyo. I am also trained and qualified to teach English at secondary schools in Japan. My teaching career made me think about education for citizenship which then led me to York.



PhD topic: The concept of citizenship and citizenship education in England and Japan: How teachers characterize good citizenship and education for citizenship.

My research addresses the three research questions: 1) How do teachers in England and Japan characterize citizenship? 2) -a) How do teachers in England and Japan characterize citizenship education and -b) what are their pedagogical approaches? 3) How do they relate their professional and individual experience to the development of their views on citizenship and citizenship education? These questions are explored through qualitative research method. Semi-structured interviews with English and Japanese citizenship teachers have been carried out since August 2020. This study could further the understanding of citizenship in non-Western context by comparing English and Japanese teachers’ views on citizenship and citizenship education.



Hosoda, Chika. (2019). Human rights-based approach to violation of minority rights in Sri Lanka. Language, area and culture studies. 25


  • September 13-16. 2021 Presentation “Preliminary Result of Study on Teachers’ Views on Citizenship and Citizenship Education in England and Japan” (BERA, UK.)
  • June 4-5 2021. Presentation “A Pilot Study on Researching Teachers’ Views on Citizenship” CASTLE Conference. University of Durham, UK
  • October 10-11 2019. Presentation “Global Citizenship Education in the Context of Language Learning”. NOCIES biannual conference and Global CIE Forum: Understanding the Global in Comparative and International Education. Stockholm University
  • October 19-20. 2018. Presentation “Minority rights protection of international human rights law: extraterritorial obligation of states on Economic Social and Cultural Rights in the context of globalization.” Ninth Annual Symposium of the Consortium for Asian and African Studies (CAAS). INALCO Paris
  • May 2014. Presentation “Sustainable Development and International Human Rights Law.” Symposium on Sustainable Development, University of the Sacred Heart


  • Student Bursaries for BERA Conference 2021



  • 2014- 2019 Part-time ELF instructor, Tamagawa University
  • 2014- 2019 Part-time lecturer (English), Kokushikan University

Guest lectures

  • May, 2017. “Extraterritorial obligation for economic social and cultural rights: the case of right to food in Ethiopia.” Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  • December, 2013. Junior seminar on “language policy and preservation of indigenous people’s mother tongue” University of the Sacred Heart
  • November, 2013 “The Role of Language in the Media: The Case of Japanese TV Drama” University of the Sacred Heart

Other professional experience

  • 2019-present International Student Ambassador, University of York
  • 2013 Chairperson, Organizing Committee of Human Rights in Asia Conference, University of Essex.
  • 2012 A member of Organizing Committee of Sociolinguistics Conference, University of Essex.
  • 2011 Research Intern, United Nations Information Centre Tokyo