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Mental health

The Department of Education is committed to helping all of our staff and students to develop and maintain wellbeing and positive mental health. We recognise the variety of factors that can impact on our mental health and ways in which this can vary throughout our lives. We have appointed a departmental Mental Health champion whose research expertise in this area has informed pioneering developments to support student wellbeing and emotional health. The Department has trained mental health first aid contacts and we are committed to training all key staff in the Department.



Mental health contacts

The Department of Education mental health first aid contacts are:

Both contacts can be approached by staff and students if they need support with mental health issues.

In addition the University has launched 'Mental Health First Contact' (MHFC) for staff, which is an in-house network of trained members of staff who are a first point of contact if you are experiencing emotional or psychological distress. You can contact any of the members direct and don't have to be based in the same department.

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