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Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group

The Cochrane Common Mental Disorders (CCMD) Group moved from Bristol to CRD in 2016.

As part of Cochrane, CCMD works with authors from around the world to produce and disseminate systematic reviews of health care interventions for treating and preventing a range of mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, somatoform disorders and suicide.

CCMD works with subject specialists on priority topics and, through them, has established a number of international satellites that focus on key populations of interest, including child and adolescent mental health and people affected by suicide and self-harm. CCMD is currently working with others to help establish a satellite specialising in global mental health to produce systematic reviews to inform mental health promotion, prevention and treatment interventions in low and middle income countries.

Explore the work of CCMD and read the latest CCMD reviews. Our reviews can also be browsed in the Cochrane Library - see under Common Mental Disorders Review Group.