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Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group

The Cochrane Common Mental Disorders (CCMD) Group moved from Bristol to CRD in 2016.

As part of Cochrane, CCMD worked with authors from around the world to produce and disseminate systematic reviews of health care interventions for treating and preventing a range of mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, somatoform disorders and suicide.

CCMD worked with subject specialists on priority topics and, through them, established a number of international satellites that focusing on key populations of interest, including child and adolescent mental health and people affected by suicide and self-harm. 

Although CCMD is no longer an active Cochrane group, the editorial teams in the UK and New Zealand are continuing to work on systematic reviews in common mental disorders, particularly in youth mental health. They will continue to focus their work in the mental health of children and young people and will focus primarily on this age group in the future.

The reviews produced by the CCMD group were published on the Cochrane Library which can be browsed by Cochrane Review Group here.