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Child Health

Our areas of interest include preventing and managing infections in those with compromised immune systems, particularly newborn infants, and children and young people with cancer, along with other aspects of neonatal care and the supportive care of young cancer patients. The methodological expertise in the Centre has led to a range of collaborations with colleagues in paediatric neuropsychology, emergency medicine, community paediatrics and medical education.

The Child Health theme is led by clinical academics who split their work between NHS Consultant posts in York or Leeds, and supports academic trainees in paediatrics including PhD, MD. and MSc candidates. We welcome approaches from clinicians and academics who would like to collaborate with our teams.

Neonatal care

Although outcomes for preterm or sick newborn infants have improved substantially over the past 25 years, major morbidities associated with the need for prolonged intensive or invasive care have emerged.

Families and clinicians need to access high-quality evidence to guide care practices, highlight uncertainties, and inform priority setting for further research to prevent and treat these conditions.

Childhood cancer

Cancer in children and young people is fortunately rare, and survival rates have improved to go beyond 80% with the use of aggressive chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.

The Centre is a focus for developing high-quality reviews of evidence around many aspects of childhood cancer, including diagnostic technologies and the management of side effects of cancer therapies, as well as treatments themselves.