Accessibility statement

Service Delivery and Organisation

We assess the quality, accessibility and organisation (who delivers care, how care is organised, where care is delivered) of health and social care services. 

Determining how best to organise and deliver services can be challenging as the delivery of care invariably involves complex processes, making robust evaluation difficult. Relevant research evidence is diverse and often difficult to identify and interpret. High quality syntheses of this evidence can be used to inform NHS decision making, producing authoritative single-source documents that summarise key evidence in complex areas for busy managers and clinical leaders.

Our previous work in this area includes:

York Evidence Synthesis Centre

We were one of three national Evidence Synthesis Centres commissioned by the NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme to provide timely and contextualised access to the best evidence on topics of key importance to the NHS.

For each topic we synthesised the evidence and summarised our evaluation of the quality and strength of findings. We produced targeted outputs in appropriate formats to make it as straightforward as possible for decision makers to use research evidence.

Details of completed projects (2014-2020) can be found here.