Accessibility statement

Knowledge Transfer

We seek to maximise awareness and enhance the impact of our research findings amongst relevant target audiences. Our approach to dissemination is based on the theoretical and empirical evidence relating to how different audiences become aware of, access, read and use research findings. A detailed outline of the approach is included in Systematic Reviews: CRD’s guidance for undertaking reviews in health care.

We develop, implement and evaluate methods to increase the uptake of research knowledge in practice and policy settings. We produce Effectiveness Matters, concise summaries of reliable research evidence about the effects of important interventions for practitioners and decision makers in the NHS and public health. The Knowledge Transfer theme includes two projects funded by NIHR.

Knowlege Translation Service

We have evaluated a knowledge translation service that identifies, appraises and contextualises existing research evidence to inform the real world issues brought to us by local decision makers. The full report for the project is now available, along with our previously published protocol.

Evidence briefings on a range of topics produced as part of this project, and earlier projects, can be found here.

Download our one-page guide for commissioners on using evidence to support decision making, based on our process for developing evidence briefings:

Process Flowchart (PDF , 151kb)

Evidence Synthesis Centre

We were one of three national Evidence Synthesis Centres commissioned by NIHR (from 2014-2020) to provide timely and contextualised access to the best evidence on selected topics.

For each topic we synthesised the key evidence and summarised our evaluation of the quality and strength of findings. We produced targeted outputs in appropriate formats to make it as straightforward as possible for decision makers to use research evidence.

Details of completed topics can be found here.