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Walker R, Morgan J, Phillips R. Does routine surveillance imaging after completing treatment for childhood solid tumours cause more harm than good? A systematic review & meta-analysis. Poster presented at: International Society of Paediatric Oncology SIOP conference. 23-26 October 2019; Lyon, France. 
Routine imaging after childhood tumours (PDF , 309kb)

Brown J, Cleminson J, Meader N, Wright K, McGuire W. C-reactive protein for the diagnosis of late-onset infection in newborn infants: systematic review of diagnostic test accuracy. Poster presented at: 3rd Joint European Neonatal Societies (jENS) Congress. 17-21 September 2019; Maastricht, Netherlands. 
CRP to diagnose late-onset infection in newborns (PDF , 574kb)

Rodgers M, Raine G, Thomas S, Harden M, Eastwood A. Digital-first primary care: a rapid responsive evidence synthesis. Poster presented at: Health Services Research UK 2019 conference. 2-3 July 2019; Manchester.
Digital-first primary care (PDF , 249kb) 

Thomas S, Dalton J, Melton H, Harden M, Eastwood A. The provision of services in the UK for armed forces veterans with PTSD. Poster presented at: Health Services Research UK 2019 conference. 2-3 July 2019; Manchester.
Services for armed forces veterans with PTSD (PDF , 202kb)

Rogers M, Thomas S, Dalton J, Harden M, Eastwood A. Police-related mental health triage interventions: a rapid evidence synthesis. Poster presented at: Health Services Research UK 2019 conference. 2-3 July 2019; Manchester.
Police-related mental health triage (PDF , 251kb)

Morgan J, Walker R, Harden M, Phillips B. Does routine surveillance imaging after completing treatment for childhood extra-cranial solid tumours cause more harm than good? A systematic review. Poster presented at: MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting on Supportive Care in Cancer. 21-23 June 2019; San Francisco, CA.
Surveillance imaging after childhood tumours (PDF , 772kb)

Walton MJ, O'Connor J, Carroll C, Claxton L, Hodgson R. A review of issues affecting the efficiency of decision making in the NICE Single Technology Appraisal process. Poster presented at: ISPOR Europe 2018. 10-14 November 2018; Barcelona, Spain.
Efficiency of decision making NICE STAs (PDF , 921kb) 

Wade R, Rice S, Moloney E, Stoniute J, Layton AM, Levell NJ, Stansby G, Jones-Diette J, Llewellyn A, Wright K, Craig D, Woolacott N. Patient Involvement in an assessment of interventions for hyperhidrosis. Poster presented at: 25th Cochrane Colloquium. 16-18 September 2018; Edinburgh.
Patient Involvement and interventions for hyperhidrosis (PDF , 580kb)

Thomas S, Dalton J, Melton H, Harden M, Eastwood A. The provision of services in the UK for armed forces veterans with PTSD. Poster presented at: 25th Cochrane Colloquium. 16-18 September 2018; Edinburgh.
Services for UK armed forces veterans with PTSD (PDF , 198kb)

Llewellyn A, Simmonds M. Exploring the magnitude of verification bias in diagnostic accuracy studies. Poster presented at: 25th Cochrane Colloquium. 16-18 September 2018; Edinburgh.
Verification bias in diagnostic accuracy studies (PDF , 754kb)

Lorenc T, Rodgers M, Rees R, Wright K, Melton H, Hopkins P, Sowden A. Working with stakeholders to identify evidence gaps: an example from autism. Poster presented at: 25th Cochrane Colloquium. 16-18 September 2018; Edinburgh.
Working with stakeholders to identify evidence gaps (PDF , 480kb)

Corbett M, Marshall D, Harden M, Oddie S, Phillips R, McGuire W. Treatment of extravasation injuries in infants and young children: a systematic scoping review and survey of NHS practice. Poster presented at: Royal College of Paediarics and Child Health Conference. 13-15 March 2018; Glasgow.
Extravasation injuries (PDF , 724kb) 

Lack of adherence to prescribing guidelines for statins (PDF , 194kb) (2017)

Stakeholder involvement in HTA hyperhidrosis (PDF , 377kb) (2017)

Hyperhidrosis quality of life measures (PDF , 165kb) (2017)

A methodological framework for organisational case studies (PDF , 187kb) (2016)

InterTASC Information Specialists Sub-Group Search Filter Resource (PDF , 2,050kb) (2016)

Integrated care for the physical health needs of people with SMI (PDF , 522kb)‌ (2016)

Engaging service users in major health service change (PDF , 533kb)‌ (2016)

C-reactive protein for diagnosing neonatal infection (PDF , 187kb)‌ (2016)

Thigh length or knee length anti-embolism stockings (PDF , 258kb) (2015)

Topical emolients to prevent infection in preterm infants (PDF , 1,106kb) (2014)‌

The use of moisturisers to prevent infection (PDF , 895kb) (2014)‌

Home chemotherapy (PDF , 247kb) (2014)‌

Is citation searching useful? (PDF , 219kb) (2014)

Cost-effectiveness interventions to prevent and control healthcare-associated in (PDF , 157kb) (2013)

Ethical implications of sharing individual patient data for prognostic meta-anal (PDF , 344kb) (2013)

Meta-analyses of adverse effects data from case-control studies as compared to o (PDF , 504kb) (2013)

Obtaining confidential protocols to increase the completeness and accuracy of ri (PDF , 220kb) (2013)

Developing a plan for patient and public involvement in CRD (PDF , 197kb) (2012)

HTA Database: your short cut to finding health technology assessments (PDF , 611kb) (2012)

PROSPERO: an international prospective register of systematic reviews (PDF , 178kb)(2012)

PROSPERO: the first year of a prospective register of systematic reviews (PDF , 379kb)(2012)

PROSPERO: the first year of an international prospective register of systematic (PDF , 983kb) (2012)

Reconfiguration of services for young people with eating disorders in Bradford a (PDF , 419kb) (2012)

Comparison of adverse effects data (PDF , 461kb) (2011)

Comprehensive searching for systematic reviews (PDF , 515kb) (2011)

Determining appropriate inclusion criteria (PDF , 466kb) (2011)

Is the retraction of journal articles in electronic journals and databases consi (PDF , 496kb) (2011)

Issues affecting the validity of a network meta-analysis of acupuncture and othe (PDF , 674kb) (2011)

NICE, CBT and schizophrenia: a case study of evidence-informed decision-making (PDF , 3,773kb) (2011 )

Publication of IPD meta-analyses in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (PDF , 104kb) (2011)

The sensitivity of adverse effects (PDF , 495kb) (2011)

The use and reporting of WOMAC for the assessment of treatment benefit for the p (PDF , 482kb) (2011)

The use of an ordered multinomial logit model in network analysis (PDF , 501kb) (2011)

The usefulness of different information sources for retrieving adverse effects d (PDF , 553kb) (2011)

Is there a role for sugammadex in the reversal of neuromuscular blockade? (PDF , 540kb) (2010)

Scaling the Tower of Babel (PDF , 358kb) (2010)

Antiemetic medication for prevention and treatment of chemotherapy induced nause (PDF , 17kb) (2009)

Hitting the Headlines: should we believe what we read in the press? (PDF , 219kb) (2008)

Hitting the Headlines: what have we learned? (PDF , 65kb) (2008)

Incorporating non-randomised evidence in systematic reviews: a case study (PDF , 273kb) (2008)

Should systematic reviews of diagnostic tests go beyond test accuracy? (PDF , 286kb) (2008)

To randomise or not to randomise: a matter of perspective (PDF , 268kb) (2008)

Where to identify information on adverse effects for systematic reviews (PDF , 266kb) (2008)

Challenges in disseminating review findings: a case study (PDF , 1,354kb)(2007)

Do published search filters to identify diagnostic test accuracy studies perform (PDF , 759kb)(2007)

Is stapled haemorrhoidopexy safer and more effective (PDF , 493kb)(2007)

Methodological issues in a systematic review of a rapidly developing interventio (PDF , 665kb) (2007)

Pharmacological interventions for the prevention of relapse in bipolar disorder (PDF , 948kb) (2007)

Sometimes similar, sometimes different (PDF , 36kb) (2007)

The effects of interventions for people bereaved by suicide (PDF , 459kb) (2007)

Using systematic review methodology to inform policy (PDF , 304kb) (2007)

Which databases should we search to identify test accuracy studies? (PDF , 692kb) (2007)

Cost-effectiveness analysis of diagnostic methods in the management of patients (PDF , 485kb) (2006)

Guidance on the conduct of narrative synthesis in systematic review (PDF , 77kb) (2006)

How is information on adverse effects identified? (PDF , 70kb) (2006)

Interventions for the treatment, management and rehabilitation of patients with (PDF , 80kb) (2006)

Should data from diagnostic case-control studies be included in systematic revie (PDF , 61kb) (2006)

A systematic review of clinical audits assessing cancer referral guidelines (PDF , 68kb) (2005)

Developing evidence based service guidance to improve outcomes in head and neck (PDF , 454kb) (2005)

Etanercept and Efalizumab for the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis (PDF , 471kb) (2005)

Etanercept and Infliximab for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis (PDF , 466kb) (2005)

Implementing NICE guidance for evidence synthesis in technology (PDF , 469kb) (2005)

Is it worthwhile including observational studies in reviews? (PDF , 462kb) (2005)

Topotecan, pegylated liposomal doxorubicin hydrochloride and paclitaxel for seco (PDF , 477kb) (2005)

What is the most effective strategy for the investigation of adult haematuria? (PDF , 495kb) (2005)

Designing a search filter to identify reports of adverse events (PDF , 62kb) (2004)

Developing access to research evidence the rebirth of ReFeR (PDF , 94kb) (2004)

Developing efficient search strategies for adverse events (PDF , 65kb) (2004)

Finding RCTs in Medline a new search filter for busy researchers (PDF , 72kb) (2004)

Newer drugs for epilepsy in adults: how good are the trials from a systematic re (PDF , 65kb) (2004)

Reviewing the results of systematic reviews (PDF , 62kb) (2004)

Scoring the quality of diagnostic accuracy studies using QUADAS (PDF , 240kb) (2004)

Using the adjusted indirect comparison in a health technology assessment (PDF , 69kb) (2004)

What to do with non 2x2 data from a diagnostic systematic review (PDF , 65kb) (2004)

Disseminating the findings of health research: the CRD experience (PDF , 73kb) (2003)

Guidelines for economic evaluation from critical appraisal to study design (PDF , 95kb) (2003)

Improving outcomes through access to critiqued economic evaluations: NHSEED with (PDF , 157kb) (2003)

Systematic review of capecitabine monotherapy for advanced breast cancer (PDF , 57kb) (2003)

The development of QUADAS: a tool for the quality assessment of studies of diagn (PDF , 64kb) (2003)

The European Network of Health Economic Evaluation Databases project (PDF , 255kb) (2003)

Undertaking a review of systematic reviews 2000-2002 relevant to implementing th (PDF , 58kb) (2003)

What is Hitting the Headlines? (PDF , 182kb) (2003)

A systematic review of atypical antipsychotics for schizophrenia (PDF , 20kb) (2002)

Assessment of therapeutic safety in systematic reviews (PDF , 59kb) (2002)

Disseminating the findings of Cochrane Reviews: the CRD experience (PDF , 140kb) (2002)

Evidence to support the clinical and cost effectiveness of Hycamtin, GSK and Cae (PDF , 48kb) (2002)

Evidence-based Guidance, a practical approach to summarising the evidence (PDF , 41kb) (2002)

The librarian's role in accessing the evidence for policy decisions in healthcar (PDF , 43kb) (2002)

Improving the quality of published economic evaluations of health (PDF , 127kb) (2001)

Involving patients in effective healthcare (PDF , 77kb) (2001)

The Cochrane Library User Group: a blueprint for local feedback initiatives (PDF , 103kb) (2001)

Beyond clinical effectiveness: the role of NHSEED in providing best evidence for (PDF , 488kb) (1999)

Training U.K. librarians to use the Cochrane Library: has this impacted on use o (PDF , 111kb) (1999)