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NIHR Pre-doctoral Fellowship

Posted on 14 August 2019

Congratulations to CRD Research Fellow Ruth Walker on being awarded an NIHR Pre-doctoral Fellowship.

Ruth will be undertaking further training in statistics and in patient public involvement (PPI) as well as developing a PhD proposal. The proposal will be to build a Network Meta-Analysis (NMA) comparing different types of anti-emetic drugs in children undergoing treatment for cancer. As there are limited numbers of paediatric trials available, she will explore the feasibility using information and 'borrowing strength' from adult trials to inform the network. Building on experience gained whilst working on individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis methods for her dissertation during her previous NIHR Systematic Reviews Training Fellowship, and on subsequent CRD project work, Ruth will use part of her time during the pre-doctoral award to explore the feasibility of obtaining IPD from relevant trials.

She will be supervised by Professor Sofia Dias and Dr Bob Phillips, with additional support from Professor Lesley Stewart who, with Dr Mark Simmonds, supervised her Masters dissertation. Ruth will be working part-time on the fellowship and will continue part-time as a CRD Research Fellow.