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  • Knowledge exchange event with York City Council

    CHP are conducting a knowledge exchange event with employees and elected members of York City Council on Wednesday 24th February 2016. At the event several researchers will present their latest research in several important policy areas:



    Council officials will present on the challenges facing them such as the Housing Bill, Right to Buy and the supply of housing for York. We are hoping for a really positive process where we can share learning, ideas and experiences to improve both the housing situation in York and our knowledge of what is happening for officials and people coping with change.


  • Statistics of Crisis in UK and EU - Radical Statistics 2016 Conference. Deborah Quilgars is speaking on the Housing Crisis in the UK on Saturday 27th February 2016 in York. Register here.
    • Stewart Lansley on Economic Inequality and Debt
    • Jonathan Bradshaw on (Child) Poverty
    • Deborah Quilgars on Housing Crisis in UK
    • Gillian Parker on Social policy on care for older people
    • Pip Tyler on Migrants and Refugees in Yorkshire and UK