Alison Wallace



Research Fellow

  • HNC Housing (College of North East London)

  • MA Social Policy (York)

  • PHD (York)

Alison has been a Research Fellow with the Centre for Housing Policy since 2001, working on a range of projects relating to low income homeownership, low cost housing initiatives, self-build housing and the sustainability of marginal homeownership. She also retains an interest in systematic review methods in social policy.

Previously a social housing practitioner with many years experience, she completed her doctoral research into the cultural economy of local housing markets in 2007.

Alison served as the Secretary of the Housing Studies Association and was a Committee member between 2011 and 2014. 



Research interests

  • low cost homeownership
  • Sustainable homeownership
  • self-build housing
  • housing markets
  • cultural-economy
  • systematic review methodology

Research news


  • Homeowners and poverty
  • Feasibility study of direct commissioning of housing
  • Evidencing the cost of providing temporary accommodation
  • Housing and Communities' Inequalities in Northern Ireland
  • Shared Ownership:Crisis Moments
  • Understanding the drivers of buy-to-let landlord mortgage arrears
  • Understanding changes in the UK self-build housing market
  • Poverty and Ethnicity in Northern Ireland: a review of the evidence
  • Financial Resilience and security: examining the impact of falling housing markets on low income homeowners in Northern Ireland
  • Exiting Unsustainable Homeownership - Understanding current practice and the potential of Assisted Voluntary Sales
  • Evaluation of the Mortgage Rescue Scheme and Homeowners Mortgage Support
  • Housing Exclusion: Welfare policies, housing provision and labour markets
  • The impact and management of mortgage arrears




Full publications list

Wallace, A. (2016) Report of Travel Fellowship - Is there a role for US style homeownership education and counselling in the UK? Report (PDF , 11,514kb)  Executive summary (PDF , 2,448kb). Sponsored by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Cowan, D., Wallace, A. and Carr, H. (2015) Exploring Experiences of Shared Ownership Housing: Reconciling Owning and Renting, CHP, York - Summary shared ownership (PDF  , 495kb)   -  Report - shared ownership (PDF  , 2,063kb)

Wallace, A. and Rugg, J. (2014) Buy-to-Let Mortgage Arrears: Understanding the factors that influence landlords' mortgage debt. University of York and Lloyds Banking Group. Buy-to-let Mortgage Arrears Report (PDF , 1,291kb)

Wallace, A., Jones, A. and Rhodes, D. (2014) Financial resiliance and security: Examining the impact of falling housing markets on low income homeowners in Northern Ireland. Financial Resilience and Security Report (PDF , 1,609kb)

Wallace, A., Ford, J., Quilgars, D. (2013) Build it yourself? Understanding the changing landscape of the UK self build market University of York and Lloyds Banking Group Self build report (PDF , 1,996kb) and  Self build report summary (PDF , 896kb) and Self Build Supplementary Report (PDF , 437kb)

Wallace, A., McAreavey, R. (2013) Poverty and Ethnicity in Northern Ireland: An Evidence Review,  Presentation to the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister on 19th March 2013 Presentation (PDF , 374kb) 

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Wallace, A., Quilgars, D. and Ford, J. (2011) Exiting Unsustainable Homeownership: Understanding current practice and the potential of Assisted Voluntary Sales, London: Shelter. Report (PDF , 1,864kb)  Summary (PDF , 672kb)  Guidance (PDF , 422kb)

Wallace, A. (2011) ‘Housing and employment inequalities’ in Anderson, I. and Sim, D. (Eds) Housing and Inequality Coventry, Chartered Institute of Housing.

Wallace, A. (2011), Where now for sustainable homeownership? A powerpoint presentation Presentation (MS PowerPoint , 1,006kb)

Ford, J., Wallace, A., Munro, M., Sprigings, N. and Smith, S. (2011) An evaluation of the January 2009 and October 2010 arrangements for Support for Mortgage Interest: The role of lenders, money advice services, Jobcentre Plus and policy stakeholders (RR 740) London: Department for Work and Pensions. Report (PDF , 374kb)

Pleace, N. with Wallace, A. (2011) Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Housing Support Services for People with Mental Health Problems: A Review London: National Housing Federation.  Report (MS Word , 1,065kb)

Wallace, A. (2010) ' Moving on from shared ownership in the UK ' Chapter in Doling, J.,  Elsinga, M. and Ronald , R. (eds.)(2010) Home ownership. Getting in, getting from, getting out. Part III . Delft, IOS Press.

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