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Dr Julie Rugg



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Senior Research Fellow

Julie Rugg joined the Centre for Housing Policy in January 1993. She has completed work including qualitative research on welfare and its impact on claimant and landlord behaviour, aspects of the private rented sector and young people's housing biographies

Recent and ongoing projects include two studies for the Scottish Executive on deposit guarantee schemes and lead tenancy schemes; and an evaluation of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme for the the Department for Communities and Local Government. She was part of the consortium evaluating the Standard Local Housing Allowance Pathfinders for the Department for Work and Pensions, heading up the stream analysing landlord behaviour under the new benefit regulations. Her most recent project was an independent Review of the Private Rented Sector, published October 2008.

Julie Rugg also undertakes a range of research as part of her role in the Cemetery Research Group.



Research interests

  • private renting
  • housing benefit
  • the contribution of the voluntary sector to the alleviation of homelessness
  • cemeteries research



Full publications list

Rugg, J. and Rhodes, D. (2018) The Evolving Private Rented Sector: Its Contribution and Potential. The Evolving Private Rental Sector (PDF , 3,354kb)

Rugg, J. and Rhodes, D. (2018) Vulnerability amongst Low-Income Households in the Private Rented Sector in England. Vulnerability amongst Low-Income Households (PDF , 1,545kb)

Rugg, J. (2014) Crisis’ Private Rented Sector Access Development Programme Final Evaluation Report, University of York and Crisis.  Crisis’ PRS Access Development Programme (PDF , 271kb)

Wallace, A. and Rugg, J. (2014) Buy-to-Let Mortgage Arrears: Understanding the factors that influence landlords' mortgage debt. University of York and Lloyds Banking Group. Buy-to-let Mortgage Arrears Report (PDF , 1,291kb)

Rugg, J. (2013) Churchyard and cemetery: Tradition and modernity in rural North Yorkshire, Manchester, Manchester University Press

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Contact details

Dr Julie Rugg
Senior Research Fellow

Tel: 01904 321484



PhD supervision

Particular areas of interest include:


  • Housing pathways
  • Landlords and tenants in the private rented sector (PRS)
  • Market segmentation in the PRS
  • Households on low incomes in the PRS


  • Meanings ascribed to burial space, 1740-present
  • Historical and contemporary cemetery policy
  • Burial and the Church of England

NOTE: where appropriate, joint supervision for PhD students is also available with the Department of Archaeology.