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Dr Julie Rugg



  • Senior Research Fellow
  • PhD Admissions tutor

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Senior Research Fellow

Julie Rugg joined the Centre for Housing Policy in January 1993. Her principal areas of expertise include the private rented sector (PRS), housing assistance within the welfare system and qualitative analysis of housing behaviours. She is particularly interested in the ways the PRS functions as a ‘complex system’, and her work seeks to understand characteristics of rental sub-markets, the behaviours of tenants and landlords, the operation and impact of statutory agencies which aim to regulate the sector, the use made by the PRS of housing charities and the ways in which commercial enterprises frame opportunities within the rental sector. 

Julie also has an interest in cemeteries and funeral practices, and further information can be found on the Cemetery Research Group pages.



Research interests

  • The private rented sector
  • Housing assistance within the welfare system
  • Landlord and tenant housing behaviours
  • Cemetery research


Recent projects

  • Nationwide Foundation-funded project on the sustainability of property supply to the lower end of the private rented sector, to be published in April 2021.
  • Safer Renting ‘Journeys in the Shadow PRS’ research on criminality in the PRS, published in 2020. View report launch on YouTube. This report was voted the most influential housing report of 2020 by the Thinkhouse Review.
  • Trust for London research on London boroughs' management of the PRS, published in 2019.
  • Nationwide Foundation Review of the private rented sector, published in 2018, with a companion report on vulnerability amongst low-income households.


Full publications list

‌Selected recent housing publications

Julie Rugg and Alison Wallace (forthcoming, 2021) Property Supply to the Lower End of the Private Rented Sector, York: Centre for Housing Policy.

Roz Spencer, Ben Reeve-Lewis, Julie Rugg and Eusebio Barata (2020) Journeys in the Shadow Private Rented Sector, York: Centre for Housing Policy.

Julie Rugg (2019) London Boroughs' Management of the Private Rented Sector. 

Julie Rugg and David Rhodes (2018) The Evolving Private Rented Sector: Its Contribution and Potential, York: Centre for Housing Policy.

David Rhodes and Julie Rugg (2018) Vulnerability amongst Low-Income Households in the Private Rented Sector in England, York: Centre for Housing Policy.

Contact details

Dr Julie Rugg
Senior Research Fellow

Tel: 01904 321484




PhD supervision

Within the sphere of housing, Julie has a particular interest in:

  • Housing pathways
  • Local rental markets
  • Landlords and tenant behaviours
  • Market segmentation in the private rented sector
  • Housing benefit and the private rented sector