Outreach Activities

The Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence strongly believes in the importance of raising awareness of green chemistry in school children and the general public. The Centre has a proven track record of preparing and delivering high quality promotional and awareness activities. Staff and students at the Centre regularly participate in outreach activities including:

  • hands on science
  • free online learning promoting green pharmaceuticals (http://learning.chem21.eu)
  • creating educational websites (www.greener-industry.org.uk and www.sustain-ed.org)
  • exhibiting at the Royal Society, Royal Institution and National Science Week
  • delivering school and public lectures
  • participating in radio broadcasts
  • running workshops at careers events and training courses for teachers
  • publishing in educational journals

Our hands on activities are designed not only to be sustainable, engaging and safe but also have a practical use. Some of the activities we do include making glue from milk, making a colour based pH indicator from red cabbage and making plastic from potatoes.


Coloured plastic made from potato starch and food colouring

Coloured plastic made from potato starch and food colouring


 The front cover of The Green Formula book

The GCCE has also recently been involved in a project to create a book on green chemistry for primary school children using a ‘students as partners’ approach.  Aimed at children aged 11+, The Green Formula follows the story of four very different school children who must work together to develop their school’s entry to the National Awards for Technology and Science.  The book introduces scientific concepts in the children’s diaries and provides a number of experiments to try at home.  The book can be downloaded for free from iTunes.


Our activities can be delivered at external venues and here at the University of York in our exclusive York Science Outreach Centre laboratories. 

If you would be interested in learning more about the outreach activities of the Centre, or are interested in working with us regarding a public engagement activity please contact Louise Summerton at louise.summerton@york.ac.uk.