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Student quote about working with the Green Chemistry Outreach Team

The GCCE is instrumental in providing high quality training and educational material across higher education and industry, with internal and external continuous personal development programs including online courses and workshops.

We deliver excellence in education and training within an infrastructure that produces top quality and employable MSc and PhD graduates in green and sustainable chemistry

‌Some examples and case studies are below:


  • MSc in Green Chemistry & Sustainable Industrial Technology - this innovative masters course is the first course of its kind to be accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry. It is run in collaboration with a wide range of companies and organisations that manufacture or use chemicals or are involved in chemicals management and policy.
  • Postgraduate Research Programmes in Chemistry - the GCCE, in conjunction with the Department of Chemistry at the University of York, offers a range of postgraduate research degrees including MSc by Research, MPhil and PhD.
  • Outreach activities - the GCCE has a proven track record of preparing and delivering high quality public awareness activities.


  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - distance learning and bespoke training in various aspects of sustainable development in the context of consumer and industrial chemical products. 
  • CHEM21 Online Learning Platform - we led on the creation of a bespoke e-learning platform that was developed with the aim of promoting uptake of green and sustainable methodologies.
  • Metrics Toolkit - we have developed a unified Metrics Toolkit to comprehensively evaluate the sustainability of chemical and bio-chemical reactions based on a series of key parameters.
  • Solvent Selection Guide - we have developed a unified solvent selection guide to promote the use of sustainable solvents.