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Structured expert elicitation course

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Structured expert elicitation resources (STEER)

The materials on this website were developed to help streamline the process of conducting structured expert elicitation (SEE). They include:

Why SEE?

 Why SEE infographic

Role of SEE infographic

How is SEE viewed by decision-makers?NICE and CADTH quotes

Examples of SEE used in NICE appraisals

Long-term survival in CKD - NICE TA775

Anti-microbial resistance

How were these materials developed?

The materials have been developed as a collaboration between the Centre for Health Economics (CHE), which co-authored the protocol for structured expert elicitation (SEE) funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), and Lumanity, which regularly conducts SEE to support health technology assessment (HTA) and market access strategic planning.

The materials are based on the original MRC protocol and published SEE exercises in healthcare decision modelling.


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