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Health and Social Care

Economic constraints on public sector budgets and an aging population have increased the need for research on how best to allocate resources and deliver services that are efficient, equitable and offer good value for money.

CHE’s research on social care is mainly developed under the programmes of our two policy research units, both funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care:

  1. ESHCRU II is the NIHR Policy Research Unit in the Economics of Health Systems and Interface with Social Care. It builds on the experience of ESHCRU which conducted research on the economics of social and health care from 2010 to 2018. ESHCRU II focuses on the interface between health and social care. Our research is organised under three Workstreams: the demand for health care; supply side efficiency; and organisation, incentives and regulation.
  2. EEPRU – Economic Evaluation Policy Research Unit has a broad work programme that covers applied topics and methodological topics related with economic evaluation in health and care. Projects in social care include a review of the methods applied to the economic evaluation of social care interventions, and a review of the measurement and valuation of informal (unpaid) care for economic evaluation.          

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