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Evidence Synthesis


Contacts: Beth Woods, Pedro Saramago Goncalves

A key principle when developing models for economic evaluation is that they should reflect all relevant evidence. For some model parameters, multiple estimates will be available, and in such situations there is often a need to combine or synthesise these sources of evidence. Most commonly this involves synthesizing information on the effects of treatment from multiple randomized controlled trials. This requires a set of methods called meta-analysis when only two treatments are considered, and a set of methods called network meta-analysis or mixed treatment comparisons when more than two treatments are being compared. However, there is also a need to synthesise other types of data to inform decision models for economic evaluation. For example, multiple studies might be available relating to the long-term consequences of a health event and these can also be synthesised.

The Centre for Health Economics has developed a broad range of expertise in synthesising evidence to populate cost-effectiveness models, including the development and application of methods for:

  • Combining evidence from different study designs, including combining evidence from randomized-controlled trials with evidence from observational studies and elicited expert opinion;
  • Synthesising individual patient data, and combining this with data available only in summary form from the published literature;
  • Synthesising data relating to a single clinical outcome, but reported in different formats across different studies; and
  • Reflecting the uncertainty around parameters estimated via synthesis within decision models.



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