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Public Health

CHE has a significant track record in methodological and applied economics research in the area of public health. Our main strands of research on public health include:  

  1. Socioeconomic determinants of health, health behaviour and health inequalities
  2. Economic consequences of health
  3. Economic evaluation of public health interventions
  4. Evaluation of public health interventions through econometric methods and microsimulation
  5. Commissioning public health services

The NHS Five Year Forward View emphasises the need for the health system (and government) to increase efforts on prevention and public health. Our research on public health is a cross-cutting research theme within CHE rather than a formal administrative team or programme.

Further information and related publications:

Further information please click the relevant links above, or visit our freely downloadable CHE Research Papers. A list of other key papers authored by CHE researchers is provided in the following link

Contacts: Richard Cookson, Susan Griffin, Nigel Rice, Marc Suhrcke