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Economic Evaluation to support local decision makers


Contacts: Gerry Richardson, Laura Bojke

As part of the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care, Yorkshire and Humber (CLAHRC-YH, 2008-19), CHE has built collaborations with local health care decision makers and providers to support and enhance their research. These will be further developed as part of the Applied Research Collaboration (ARC-YH, 2019-2024). In particular, there are three strands to this work:

a) Supporting the Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Members of CHE have been selected as panel members on the Clinical Research and Effectiveness Committee (CREC) and the Research sub group of VoY CCG. Their role on these committees is to ensure that wherever feasible, cost-effectiveness evidence is used in decision making. This input has impacted directly on local policy and provision of services, including the commissioning of additional rehabilitation beds to serve York and East Yorkshire.

b) Supporting Local authorities. With colleagues from neighbouring Local Authorities we have developed an Air Quality Toolkit which is available for use by any decision maker with relevant data. The toolkit has already been used to assess the cost-effectiveness of air quality strategies in West Yorkshire.

c) Prioritisation of research for service providers. We are actively involved in research prioritisation in cardiovascular disease. We have led a workshop that brought together academics, cardiologists, research funders and commissioners to generate a ranking of research priorities in this clinical area.



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