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Public engagement and outreach

Engaging with individuals outside academia is an important part of C2D2's remit and we believe that such interactions are mutually beneficial. We have funded a number of innovative and imaginative projects involving researchers across the University.


C2D2 has for two years running been a partner in Yornight - a celebration across the City Centre of the variety, significance and transformational potential of research taking place in and around York as part of the European Researcher's Night, an annual mega-event taking place in 300 cities across Europe.


C2D2 has for three year's running sponsored the York Festival of Ideas a celebration of creativity and research in York and its surrounding areas with a growing international reputation. With over 50 partners (e.g. BBC Radio 4, National Science Learning Centre) and prominent health and science-related strands. It attracted more than 50,000 people to 140 events in 2014.

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C2D2 has also helped to catalyse a number of activities organised by the University's Centre for Lifelong Learning.