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School Resource Packs

Below are links to our School Resource packs. Each pack includes a pdf document that can either be displayed digitally or printed and given to students. Along with each pdf document (except the Sir Alan Ayckbourn pack) you will also find high-quality copies of the images that are found within the packs.

Heslington Hall

‌‌‌‌Creative Writing

This pack uses the history of Heslington Hall, an old manor house on the outskirts of York, as a springboard for creative writing. It is designed for KS2 and KS3, but could also be used for KS4.

Heslington Hall (Creative Writing) (PDF , 1,517kb)


Source 1 (JHOR 4/2/4) ( 34,273kb download)

Source 2 (JHOR 4/2/6) ( 23,183kb download)

Source 3 (VDER 7/1/4) ( 518kb download)

Source 4 (VDER 8/1/4/1 ii) ( 773kb download)

Source 5 (VDER 3/1/2) ( 13,359kb download)


This pack considers changes in the British class system (especially over the 20th Century) and the importance of preserving history, through a specific case study; the case of Helsington Hall. It is designed to tie in with the KS3 and KS4 History curriculum.

Heslington Hall (History) (PDF , 2,535kb)


Source 1 (YM/MP/37) ( 19,071kb download)

Source 2 part 1 (YM/MP/29) ( 38,009kb download)

Source 2 part 2 (YM/MP/30) ( 35,137kb download)

Source 2 part 3 (YM/MP/31) ( 36,675kb download)

Source 3 part 1 (JHOR 4/2/6) ( 23,183kb download)

Source 3 part 2 (JHOR 4/2/4) ( 34,273kb download)

Source 4 (VDER 7/1/4) ( 518kb download)

Source 5 (VDER 8/1/4/1 ii) ( 773kb download)

Source 6 (VDER 3/1/2) ( 22,729kb download)

Source 7 (VDER 3/1/2) ( 13,359kb download)

Sir Alan Ayckbourn

This pack is designed to provide English, Drama and Performing Arts teachers with lesson plans and detailed background information on the work and written plays of Sir Alan Ayckbourn. While it was designed for KS4 students, it could be adapted for students of any age.

Alan Ayckbourn Resource Pack (PDF , 5,498kb)