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Samuel Storey writing and performance collection

The Samuel Storey Trust has generously funded the setting up within the University Library and Archives, of the Samuel Storey Writing and Performance Collection.

Preparatory sketch by Alan Ayckbourn for 'Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays'

This has enabled the acquisition of a number of archives of individual playwrights, screenwriters, comedy writers, and television producers including:

Julia Pascal

Julia Pascal is known for her writing of challenging works, unafraid of convention, political situation or societal pressures, for those who she describes as being 'on the fringes'.

Her thought-provoking pieces broaden perceptions of both the past and the world around us. Her papers include draft and rehearsal scripts, reviews and research notes for many of her works.

David Storey

David Malcolm Storey, playwright born 1933 (© David Lees/Corbis) 200px

Playwright, screenwriter, novelist and poet David Storey's work includes the novel Saville, for which he was awarded the 1976 Booker Prize.

Charles Wood

Charles Wood's career began in the 1960s and 1970s. He is particularly known for his production of works for television and film, including the sitcom Don't Forget to Write from the mid-70s, his work on episodes of a number of popular television series such as Kavanagh QC and Morse; dramas such as his BAfTA award-winning Tumbledown of the late 1980s and film work with scripts ranging from Help and The Knack in 1965 to Iris in 2001.

His archive is extensive, including scripts, research notes and correspondence for a number of productions.

The archive catalogue is available in the Borthwick searchrooms.