Remote working successfully

Teams work best when they are communicating effectively and can collaborate easily. Various guidance and tools have been developed to enable remote working to be successful.

The digital guidance for hybrid working will help you to think about how to communicate and collaborate using the tools available. We also advise you to read the remote team working guidance published on the IT webpages.

It's important that your remote working arrangements allow you to comply with data security - find out more with the guidance provided on the Data Protection webpages.

Tools and equipment
When working remotely, the University will provide all reasonable equipment in order for you to carry out your role safely. In most cases this will include: a laptop, an additional screen/ external monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, a desk and chair and/or other standard computer equipment as required. The University will assist you as far as practicable to achieve this, or close to it, in combination with home furniture, so that you can work safely both remotely and on campus. In most cases, you will be expected to transport portable devices - like laptops - between campus and your remote working location.

Speak to your line manager if you require additional equipment for homeworking. Desks and office chairs can be ordered through campus space services. Equipment that has been purchased by the University (including from grant income) remains the property of the University. If you leave the University, you must return all equipment that has been provided to you, so that it can be re-used by other members of staff.

It will be your responsibility to ensure a reliable and stable internet connection can be maintained when working remotely. Read the IT advice and information about working off campus.

Training needs
Successful remote working requires appropriate digital skills. You should discuss any particular training needs in the remote working discussion and ongoing as part of the Performance and Development Review process.

The University supports you to enhance your skills through the Staff Digital Skills Framework. This provides one of the foundations for the wider digital strategy that is being developed by the University. In addition, upskilling guidance and tools are available to help make work and teaching more accessible on the digital accessibility webpages.

You are encouraged to claim tax-relief if working from home: details of how to do this are on the government web pages. No expenses will be payable in respect of working at home.