This information will help you decide whether to ask to work remotely. The new Remote Working Policy has been developed to help facilitate a hybrid way of working that allows staff to spend some time working on campus and some time working remotely (if this suits the requirements of your role). Recognising that not everyone prefers to work remotely, where staff wish to work on campus this will be accommodated.

We anticipate that Government guidance from 19 July will no longer be to 'work from home if you can'. When measures lift, we are not expecting our ways of working to change overnight. We are, nevertheless, looking forward to welcoming more staff back to campus, and are setting out our 'future of work' roadmap for reconnecting on campus between now and September. Further information on current arrangements for working on campus and more details about the roadmap can be found on the Reconnecting on Campus webpage.

Underpinning all decisions regarding remote working is the critical need to maintain a positive student experience. This will allow us to deliver a vibrant, energised and attractive campus and collaborative University community.

Managers are expected to make decisions about remote working that reflect the University's equality, diversity and inclusion principles, and contribute to an environment where diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated. Therefore, you are encouraged to raise equality considerations during your remote working discussion so these can be taken into account.

The Remote Working Policy is about where and how staff members carry out their work. Terms and conditions of employment are unchanged. Your place of work remains as stated in your employment contract.

Remote working is not a contractual right and you may be required to work on campus on any of your working days, sometimes at short notice. Usually, the working day will not start before 8am and will not finish after 6pm, unless other arrangements are in place in the department or agreed otherwise by your line manager.

Time spent commuting from home to your usual place of work, whether on campus or in a remote workspace of your choice, will not be considered working time. Any expenses associated with travelling to campus will continue to be met by individual staff members. However, travelling to another location for a meeting, conference or other work commitment during the working day will be considered working time.

Your manager will arrange to discuss and agree working arrangements with you. The agreement should take into account the effective discharge of work duties as well as individual preferences and needs. In order to help facilitate this meeting you are encouraged to use the remote working agreement form which also serves as a written record.