How will decisions be made?

Managers are expected to be open about the considerations they have made and on what basis suggested working arrangements have been agreed or declined.

Departmental/Leadership teams should have a shared understanding and approach to supporting remote working requests within the department. This is useful for planning purposes and to ensure that decisions on individual requests are reached on an equitable and fair basis.

Your manager will confirm what has been agreed and, where appropriate, record the outcome on the remote working agreement form. If more information is required before a decision can be reached a further meeting may be necessary and you should be informed when you are likely to hear an outcome.

Where a disagreement occurs between you and/or your colleagues, you can get advice and support from your manager and the Human Resources department. From the manager's perspective, they are encouraged to seek additional advice and/or support to help reach a solution that is workable for both parties, for example the HR Adviser or other professional support department. Following this step, the managerial decision will be final and the expectations of the working arrangements will be explained, taking into account as far as possible individual preferences.