Reviewing arrangements

Where difficulties arise
The University recognises that remote working does not suit everyone and all individuals who request to work entirely from campus will be supported.

It also may not yet be fully known how working remotely or in a hybrid way will look and feel come the start of the academic year, it is therefore understood that preferences may well change or difficulties may arise.

Please be open with your manager, especially if you are finding part of your agreed working arrangement problematic. Raising concerns as soon as possible means that they can be addressed and support provided. There is no need to wait until a scheduled review.

If individual performance issues are identified, your manager will likely want to discuss this with you to see what additional support can be provided. One means of supporting individuals who are underperforming may be undertaking more work based on campus, where this would provide a better level of support.

In circumstances where support is provided and improvement to the situation remains unsatisfactory, the University has the right to revoke the remote working arrangement and may require you to work on campus for all of your contracted hours.

Change in circumstances
Where you have a change of personal circumstances that could affect remote working, you should report this to your line manager as soon as possible so appropriate support or a review of arrangements can be undertaken.

Review in 3 to 6 months
Remote working agreements should be reviewed within 3 - 6 months to monitor how effective they are. You may also wish to discuss the arrangements and suggest changes during your regular one-to-one meetings with your manager.

The University has committed to reviewing the new Remote Working Policy by the start of the 2022 Summer Term. The review will take into account staff feedback, the evolving nature of hybrid working and any changing requirements of the University.