Corporate and Information Services

Department head and Deputy Registrar

Heidi Fraser-Krauss

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Our Corporate and Information Services department is at the heart of creating a University environment that supports, facilitates and enhances the teaching, research, business and community activities at York.

As a newly expanded department, more information about our services will be added to these pages over the coming months.

Corporate Services

Strategy and Change

Strategic Projects and Change

Business transformation, change management and supporting with the delivery of corporate strategies. This new department also includes the Operations Managers who liaise with faculties and academic departments.

Governance and Assurance

Governance and Assurance  

Covers strategies for governance, compliance, assurance, delegation, decision-making structures and regulation.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Services

In addition to health and safety, the department also covers insurance, business and continuity. The team is led by Denis Fowler.



The Planning department is led by Rebekah Desport and includes Strategic Planning, the Planning Office and the Business Intelligence Unit.

Legal Services

Legal Services

Along with insitutional legal advice, commissioning legal services and contracts management, Legal Services also covers complaints and our GDPR statutory role.

Information Services

IT Support Office

IT Services

The department is comprised of two teams: Infrastructure Services and Faculty IT (including Technical Research), and Digital Services which includes Enterprise Systems and Desktop and Printing Services.

Library and Archives

Library and Archives

Led by Masud Khokhar, the department manages Library Services and Archives.

Records Management

Records Management is the corporate and professional function of managing records to meet the University’s needs, promote business efficiency and provide legal and financial accountability.

Information Services strategies

Our strategies set out a framework to achieve the vision of an information environment that supports, facilitates and enhances the teaching, research, business and community activities of a world-class University.

Information Services policies

Find our policies relating to Information Services, including the services provided by the Library, the Borthwick Institute for Archives and IT Services.



and feedback

We are committed to measuring our performance in order to monitor services and develop them in response to your needs. The standards you can expect from our services are articulated in our Customer Charter and Service Standards.

Customer Service Excellence award for Library, IT and Archives.