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Information Services policies

This page links to policies related to Information Services, including Library, Archives and IT.

University Information Policy, and the University's requirements for protecting information can be found at:

The full University Ordinances and Regulations can be found at:

General Information Services policies

PolicyRelated pagesSummary
Information Services Complaints Policy Information Services Complaints Method Statement

Applies to all members of Information Services and all users of services provided by Information Services.

Explains how complaints are dealt with.

Library policies

PolicyRelated pagesSummary
Library Regulations Library data protection Statement

Applies to all users of the University Library services and facilities, whether physical or electronic.

Explains the legal, membership, borrowing and behaviour rules and expectations.

Policy on recording and broadcasting; promotional activities; publicity material Method statement - Recording and broadcasting

Applies to all users of the University Library.

Explains the processes for recording and broadcasting, undertaking promotional activities and placing publicity material in the University Library.

Reading List Policy ‌Guidelines are available on the same page. 

Applies to all module convenors/coordinators.

Explains how reading lists should be provided to the Library.

York Digital Library Policy Digitised collection 

Applies to York Digital Library managers.

Explains the policies followed for effective management of the York Digital Library.

Library fines exception policy  

Applies to all users of the University Library.

Explains the circumstances in which Library fines will be waived

E-resources Walk-In Access terms and conditions  

Applies to people who are not members of the University, but who want access to selected electronic information resources.

Explains the rules under which access is granted, monitored and managed.

Archives policies

PolicyRelated PagesSummary
Access to archives policy (PDF , 195kb)




Applies to Borthwick Institute staff and users who handle its archives.

Archives care and conservation policy (PDF , 129kb) Looking after the archives

Provides a statement of the Borthwick's commitment to preservation for use of its archives and explains the principles and standards that guide its preservation activities.

Archives information policy (PDF , 119kb)    
Archives management policy (PDF , 118kb)  

Explains what is collected, how items are acquired, how decisions on location are made

and how access is provided.

Archives development policy (PDF , 124kb) Donating or depositing material  

Digitisation policy (PDF , 153kb)

Guide to definition of terms (PDF , 128kb)    


IT Services policies 

See also Information Policy.

PolicyRelated pagesSummary
University Regulation 11: Use of computing facilities Guidelines to the Regulations for the use of computing facilities

Applies to everyone - all staff, students, associates, and anyone else authorised to use University IT facilities and information.

Defines the legal framework in which the University operates in providing computing and networking facilities. This legal framework has implications for both the University as a corporate body and for individual members and employees. It is therefore essential that you are fully aware of the regulation.

Janet acceptable use policy (external link)


Applies to any organisation authorised to use Janet (the UK education network). This includes University staff, students and associates and anyone else who the University allows to access Janet.

Defines acceptable and unacceptable use of the Janet network.

Policy for bulk emailing  

Applies to anyone who wants to email a group of University members.

Explains the principles which apply to ensure that members do not receive inappropriate unsolicited emails.

External visibility of web servers  

Applies to any member of the University who wishes to apply for the contents of a web server to be viewable through the firewall to external users.

Explains who is responsible for the information on the web server and for ensuring relevant policies are adhered to. Provides an application form.

University of York Print Policy (PDF , 72kb)  

This policy applies to all staff, associates, students and visitors of the University of York

Explains how the managed print solution is managed.

Terms and Conditions for University members requesting support and assistance from IT Services staff