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Terms and Conditions:


  • All event bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions being agreed to in full.
  • To ensure that we can adequately promote and resource your event it is essential that sign-up for sessions is managed by the Careers and Placements team
  • We will, where possible, facilitate variations to bookings; please ensure you contact us as soon as possible to make any changes but please note for some events a cancellation policy may apply.
  • You will be liable for any damage caused to University property or injury to persons which occurs during, or arises from the event, which results from your negligence.
  • You are required to hold Public Liability Insurance with a minimum limit of indemnity of £5 million.
  • You will ensure that all aspects of the event are risk assessed, and that a copy of this risk assessment is made available with suitable notice to Careers and Placements.
  • As with any activity conducted on University premises, you shall ensure that all aspects of the event comply with the University’s Health & Safety policy. A copy of this policy is available at 


Advertising Vacancies

Careers and Placements at the University of York will support employers to promote your organisation and opportunities by helping you to advertise UK and overseas based:

  • Graduate positions, with an immediate or future start date
  • Part-time work suitable for vacations or alongside study (up to a maximum of 20 hours per week during term-time)
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Internships and placements
  • Voluntourism (subject to assessment of the value and cost of the opportunity)
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Opportunities offered by University of York students which help other students get involved in start-ups or enterprise

In our duty of care to students and graduates, we will seek clarification regarding any aspect of a vacancy, and reserve the right not to advertise opportunities which we reasonably believe not to be in the best interests of our students and graduates. In particular, we reserve the right not to advertise vacancies, or continue working with employers if vacancies:

  • Appear not to meet the requirements of equality or other employment legislation.
  • Promote or endorse illegal activity.
  • May bring the University into disrepute or detrimentally affect other relationships within the University
  • Conflict with advice provided by the Foreign Office regarding safe travel
  • Have company information which is incomplete, e.g. the nature of the company, missing address
  • Have misleading, incomplete or inaccurate job descriptions
  • Are placed by private individuals, particularly where the role provides care for others
  • Do not pay the legal minimum wage, except in legal exclusions such as volunteers, voluntary workers or those undertaking work shadowing
  • Pay on a commission-only basis
  • Advertise courses with commercial training providers
  • Pay 'in kind' rather than being salaried, e.g. gig tickets, vouchers, CDs, meals
  • Require a fee where services provided are not clearly stated or the benefit clearly defined
  • Are partnership or equity only opportunities with set-up companies
  • Are proprietary trading companies requiring graduates to pay desk fees
  • Are connected with a 'pyramid' (or similar style) selling scheme
  • Could in our opinion be exploitative or may not be a genuine opportunity, e.g. a scam or fake advert
  • Are arranged by an organisation which we cannot independently trace or verify
  • Represent an undue health and/or safety risk
  • Involve students writing or sharing academic related material for use by other students
  • Are advertised for companies which do not hold Employers' and Public Liability insurance.

The University accepts no liability for the actions of students or graduates recruited from the University of York.

Please note:

  • The University of York is not liable for damages or expenses incurred in connection with the use of Careers and Placements
  • Any risks associated with using Careers and Placements (such as reliance on advertisement) lie with the advertising company
  • The employer is solely responsible for the advertisements that are posted
  • The University is not responsible for the content of external services that link to Careers and Placements
  • By advertising vacancies with the University of York the employer is agreeing to our terms of use.

We ask that you:

  • Review the advice we give to students and graduates as they search and apply for opportunities
  • Provide complete and accurate information concerning the vacancy in English.
  • Ensure all vacancies meet employment and equality legislation, including compliance with National Minimum Wage and Health and Safety regulations. UK National Minimum Wage Guidelines can be found at and Health and Safety Guidelines can be found at
  • Provide the successful candidate with full contractual information prior to the start date
  • Do not advertise term-time work which requires more than 20 hours work in a seven day period
  • Do not advertise unpaid opportunities that last more than 4 weeks; the value and quality of all vacancies that are unpaid for more than 1 week will be reviewed in detail by our team
  • If you are a recruitment agency, we ask that you provide details of the employer you are recruiting for: we will not make this information available to students, if you ask us not to
  • Identify a website or contact where candidates can learn more about the vacancy
  • Let us know if the vacancy is filled so we can remove it from our system.

The University reserves the right to edit vacancy adverts for purposes of:

  • Brevity and clarity
  • Equality legislation, where the University has a legal responsibility not to advertise vacancies which may be construed as discriminatory. The University may contact advertising organisations, where appropriate, to clarify wording and details of adverts, or to obtain reassurance of exemptions from equal opportunities legislation:
  • where this applies to issues of security and nationality
  • where the vacancy does not meet the conditions of Tier 2 sponsorship

We encourage employers to treat all candidates equally, to assess their applications on merit and suitability for the job alone, and to address right to work issues at the last stage of the selection processes. While stating that “at the time of starting their employment, the successful candidate must have permission to work in the UK” is acceptable, sentences such as “applicants must have a work permit” or “applicants must have the right to work in the UK” are not.

For an overview of the Equality Act 2010, see ACAS guidance here and the Government Code of Practice for Employers “Avoiding Discrimination while Preventing Illegal Working"(May 2014).

Service Standards

Careers and Placements Service Standards (PDF , 484kb)

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