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York Professional and Academic Development scheme (YPAD)

The YPAD scheme is designed to be inclusive of all staff groups who teach or support student learning (including graduate teaching assistants, research staff with teaching responsibilities, associate staff and professional services staff with learning, teaching and relevant support responsibilities). It caters for all levels of experience: from individuals who are new to teaching in higher education to senior staff with institutional leadership roles in learning and teaching. It is based upon the University’s Peer Support for Teaching policy, and will involve participants working to develop their practice in groups supported and facilitated by an experienced colleague.

YPAD is accredited by Advance HE. This means individuals who successfully engage with the scheme will secure professional recognition through the award of an HEA Fellowship category appropriate to their role and their level of responsibility for teaching and supporting learning.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the scheme you can attend one of our information workshops, or email:

How YPAD works

Staff registered to YPAD will be organised into Action Learning Groups of professional peers, based on the HEA fellowship category being sought, and facilitated by an Advance HE accredited member of staff. The groups meet three times over the course of registration to provide support for each other in developing their teaching and learning practice through a small learning and teaching project.

At the end of the year, participants submit a composite assessment, comprising a reflection on practice, a report on the development undertaken through the Action Learning Group, and identification of future development priorities.

This process applies to participants seeking recognition as an Associate Fellow, Fellow, or Senior Fellow. Applicants for the award of Principal Fellow will receive one-to-one support from an appropriate colleague.

Key dates

Key dates

Cohort 1: starts December 2022 and finishes June 2023
Cohort 2: starts March 2023 and finishes December 2023

DetailsAutumn Term start (Cohort 1)Spring Term start (Cohort 2)
YPAD Information Workshop 

Thursday 3 November 2022 (3pm – 5pm)

Thursday 2 February 2023 (3pm – 5pm)
YPAD Expression of Interest Deadline*  Friday 18 November 2022, 5pm Friday 17 February 2023, 5pm
YPAD Introduction** Wednesday 7 December 2022 (3pm – 5pm) Wednesday 8 March 2023 (3pm – 5pm)
YPAD Application Support** Wednesday 17 May 2023 (3pm – 5pm) Wednesday 25 October 2023 (3pm – 5pm)

* Applications will be considered after these deadlines on a first-come first-served basis if places are still available.

** Attendance at these sessions is compulsory (although alternative provision will be provided when a participant is unable to attend).

Application process

Application process

Before submitting an application form, we would recommend you explore the different categories of HEA Fellowship that are available to see which is most appropriate to your role and responsibilities:  

If you are unclear which category is most appropriate, you may find this Fellowship Category Tool useful.

These categories of HEA Recognition are accredited against the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) Descriptors 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

We recruit to two YPAD cohorts per year. For those who are interested in joining the scheme, the next application deadlines are:

  • Cohort 1: 18 November 2022
  • Cohort 2: 17 February 2023

Applications will be considered after these deadlines on a first-come first-served basis if places are still available. Please note, staff who are undertaking PGCAP as an expectation of employment are not able to engage with YPAD until they have successfully completed that programme.

To apply to join the YPAD scheme, please complete this Google Form.


Who to contact

Duncan Jackson
Head of Academic Practice
YPAD Scheme Director

Administration email