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Learning and teaching workshops

These workshops are open to all colleagues involved in teaching and learning support across the University. Please remember to book in advance using the forms provided below.

Autumn Term

Workshop 1: Collaborative Pedagogy with GTAs and Students

Date:         Friday 4 November 2022
Time:         12.30pm to 2pm
Location:   Online
Speakers:  Nick Jones and Charline Foch

Collaborative Pedagogy with GTAs and Students


Many modules at York require GTA support in order to run effectively, or at all. Activities like seminar leading and guest lecturing in turn provide PhD students (and others) valuable opportunities to develop teaching practice, something which schemes like the York Professional Academic Development scheme (YPAD) rely upon in asking their participants to produce a written report regarding a specific aspect of their teaching practice and contribution to modules and their reflection on this contribution. 

In this workshop, Nick Jones and Charline Foch discuss their collaboration as module convenor and GTA respectively on a first year Film and Television Production BSc module on film history and analysis. They focus in particular on a shared initiative called "Cohort Choice Week" in which students on the module proposed and then voted on the topic of a week, and in this way took ownership of the intellectual content of the module and reflected on the way in which history is an unfolding process rather than a fixed narrative. This exercise also encouraged students on the module to consider themselves co-creators of module materials and approaches. The workshop will then encourage participants to consider the ways in which they might collaborate with both GTAs and students in the creation and development of module materials, and what the risks and possibilities of this process might be.


Spring Term

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