Accessibility statement

Further information and how to book YSOC

University of York staff can make use of YSOC for any STEM-related outreach activity. The use of the space, including electricity, heating and water, is provided free of charge. The cost of consumables, staff time and some equipment will need to be covered by the user.

How to book YSOC

  • Check via Planon if the YSOC room (C/B/104 York Science Outreach Centre, Chemistry Block) is available
  • Make a provisional booking via Planon
  • Contact Chemistry Operations ( regarding a risk assessment

Important information for users

Before booking YSOC, users should be aware that:

  • The user must be a member of the University of York staff.
  • The user will be responsible for signing off risk assessments for any of the activities that are undertaken in YSOC, including risk assessments provided by partner organisations.
  • The capacity of the room is for 30 users (maximum).
  • The user is responsible for sending the risk assessments to Chemistry Operations ( at least four weeks before the event date.
  • Any booking for which risk assessments are not received four weeks ahead of the activity will be cancelled.

Out of hours activities

Normal working hours are 0900 to 1700 Monday to Friday.

If your activity is taking place outside of these times you will need to arrange a briefing on Health and Safety and first aider(s) cover in advance. Please contact Chemistry Operations ( for further information.


YSOC is located in C/B/104 which is in Chemistry B block on the first floor. 

First aid

There are no specific first aiders allocated to the YSOC laboratory. A list of first aiders within the Department of Chemistry and their telephone numbers is displayed in all the YSOC labs.

If you wish to have a first aider present during the whole of your event you will have to provide your own personnel. Alternatively, a request for cover can be made and there would be a cost associated with this.

Risk assessments

If you intend to run the activities on a regular basis the risk assessments can be stored for you. Please name the assessments in a way that can be easily identified.

If the activity is changed after a risk assessment submission, a new risk assessment will need to be completed.

Technical support

Thanks to the support of the Widening Participation group, limited technical support is available. If you require any support, please contact Chemistry Operations ( at least four weeks before the event start date.


Some equipment is provided in YSOC. Please contact for further information.


Secure storage space is available in YSOC for departments to house instrumentation, equipment and consumables for their outreach activities. The laboratory ad storage space is provided free of charge, but the cost of personnel running the outreach activity (including technical support and student demonstrators), together with any instrumentation, equipment and consumables will need to be provided by the users.

If you wish to store equipment, please contact Chemistry Operations (


The drop off point for coaches is on Innovation Way, either adjacent to Chemistry B block or the York Plasma Institute Lab.