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The 'Right Home' evaluation: accommodation and support for young people in and on the edge of care

Researchers: Jo Dixon, Jenny Lee and Jade Ward (SPSW) 
Funder: Calderdale Council
Duration: June 2015 to March 2016


This study will evaluate the implementation and outcomes of a new accommodation and support project for young people in and at risk of entering care in Calderdale.  The project involves the expansion of accommodation options for vulnerable young people on the edges of care.

It will sit alongside the current range of accommodation options and family support to include early intervention options such as:

  • using boarding school places
  • respite stays in a residential unit
  • supported options for older adolescents including:
    • intensive support
    • tapered support. 


The evaluation aims to understand more about the edge of care group and how these different options might impact on the young people and families involved in the project.      


The research will be carried out using qualitative and quantitative research methods and will incorporate an economic component. We will use a participatory approach to the research. This will include involving care-experienced young people as research advisors, to contribute to the design of interview schedules and interpretation and dissemination of findings.

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