Rethinking Centres and Peripheries, ESRC seminar series

Content and Context

The Rethinking Centres and Peripheries research seminar series will contribute to important debates in the area of economic and urban geography, urban sociology, public policy, planning and environmental studies surrounding the uneven geographic development of cities especially in the wake of the financial crash of 2008. Lead by the Centre for URBan Research at the University of York (CURB) and with partners from Goldsmiths (Centre for Urban and Community Research) and Newcastle (Global Urban Research Unit) there will be a total of three seminars, one at each institution.

The research network that will develop around the series is based around two established and one new urban research centre each of which have complementary but distinct missions. The aim of the series is to discuss empirical research and conceptual work encouraging attention to common and important challenges for towns and cities in Britain today.

Further information is available from the series co-ordinators Simon Parker ( or Rowland Atkinson (

Schedule and Format