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Responding to mentoring requests

If you have just received a mentoring request from a student, congratulations! These quick tips are for you.

  • Thank the student for their interest.
    Approaching a mentor takes time and thought and can be nerve-wracking, so a kind response will definitely be appreciated.
  • Tell them about yourself.
    If you agree to mentor them, try to tell them a little more about yourself and your interests. This will make them more comfortable and help to get your conversation started.
  • Don’t overcommit yourself.
    Mentoring can be time-consuming; be realistic about how much time you have for the student before accepting them.
  • Report anything you are uncomfortable with.
    If you encounter any inappropriate behaviour in your communications with a student on the platform, let us know immediately at This is important, not just for your benefit but for all other mentors the student may come into contact with.

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