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Guides for mentors

Mentoring allows you to make a meaningful difference to the life and future of a University of York student. By sharing your story and the experience you have gained, you can help students to shape their career plans and prepare for the world of work.

As a mentor, you can also gain experience of developing and coaching, which is extremely valuable early in your career. Some mentors even find their next employee or, in the long term, a valuable industry contact.

Hundreds of York alumni have found mentoring to be enjoyable, rewarding and beneficial, both for the mentee and the mentor. We hope you will too.

Three ways to help students

to this website to:

  1. Write a profile telling students about your job or further studies (click to search all our profiles)
  2. Become a mentor for York students (find out more)
  3. Offer to answer questions about careers

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