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This website makes it easy to offer mentoring to University of York students. All you have to do is:

  1. to the website
  2. Write a profile that tells potential mentees about yourself
  3. Tick the Mentoring Options box that says Would you consider mentoring a York student?

Just and follow the instructions to begin.

What happens next

On York Profiles & Mentors, students look at profiles to choose which potential mentor they wish to approach. When a student chooses you, they will write a mentoring request, which is then emailed to you. You then get to decide whether you want to mentor them or not. (See Responding to mentoring requests for advice.)

If you do not get any mentoring requests…

If you don’t hear from a student, please be assured that your profile is immensely valuable. Students are fascinated to find out where their degree can take them and some prefer simply to read a profile and not get in touch, while others may read your profile several times before making contact. Student feedback indicates that all these methods are of great benefit in helping with their career choices.

It is always worth keeping your profile updated and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact York Alumni Association:

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